Line marking

Orsborn Roadmarkers has been at the forefront of roadmarking innovation for over 55 years, We were the first roadmarking contractor to use Waterborne Paint in New Zealand and have developed application techniques for long-life products.

Crack sealing

Orsborn Roadmarkers provides a complete range of surface repair services for cracks and joints as well as specialized load bearing products for construction of bridge joints.

Specialised works

Specialist surfacing is not limited to roads, we have completed many projects in locations as diverse as airport runways and hanger, factories, parks, supermarkets and even shopping centres.

Line removal

There are a range of ways to remove outdated or unwanted lines, from simply blacking out to a more permanent treatment to avoid unnecessary confusion for staff or public.


We are able to source a wide variety of these for any situation, supply and installation are part of our full service dedication to safety.


As founding members of the New Zealand Roadmarking Federation, Orsborn Roadmarkers are proud to have a third generation Roadmarkers as a testing officer.