Specialised Works

Specialist Surfaces

Specialist surfacing is not limited to roads, we have completed many projects in locations as diverse as airport runways and hanger, factories, parks, supermarkets and even shopping centres.

Raised Pavement Markers RPMs – Cats Eyes

A raised pavement marker is a safety device used on roads, they come in a variety of shapes and colours, enhancing their visibility by reflecting automotive headlights. RPMs clearly define traffic lanes by night and day, if driven across a gentle thump signals the driver of their error.

Cycle Lanes / Bus Lanes

Orsborn Roadmarkers are proud to be well established provider in the supply and installation of the Green coloured surfacing seen around many parts of New Zealand as cycle lanes.

Other specialist surfacing examples are Anti-skid paint, coloured resin and aggregate solutions. Various products are available depending on required life, and finish required, with recycled glass featuring as a material option. Let us recommend a solution for you. At Orsborns we make it super easy by supplying the traffic management to ensure the work is carried out safely, effectively and with minimal traffic disruption.

Street Art / Pavement Design

Street art is a popular and modern way of enlivening public space. Orsborn Roadmarkers has completed several street art projects around Hawke’s Bay using specialist surfacing. Check out our projects to find out more.


Thermoplastic markings are of high quality and excel through improved durability, excellent reflection properties at night and day and in wet conditions. Moreover, thermoplastics can be used to achieve additional security features like delineation with an acoustic and rumbling effect. Thermoplastic is a hot-applied road marking compound for the creation of highly reflective markings  with long term performance. Thermoplastic is resin based  and contains a significant portion of premix glass beads. This is our preferred method for motorist safety on busy highway networks.