Line Marking

Orsborn Roadmarkers has been at the forefront of roadmarking innovation for over 55 years, We were the first roadmarking contractor to use Waterborne Paint in New Zealand and have developed application techniques for long-life products.

We undertake new, remark and maintenance of all types of pavement markings. Pavement markings are the only continuous means of guidance for motorists in their travels. We see our responsibility as providing a high quality result for our customer which in turn provides a high quality result for motorists.


Industry standards, technology, products and techniques are continuously changing in New Zealand as well as throughout the world. We have people dedicated to keeping up with, training and communicating changes. Roadmarking service is our core business, we have a highly experienced dedicated team, specialist equipment and an established supply chain.

Car Parks and Factory Safety Markings

We paint a range of car parks, yard and factory markings using a number of different products for the private, commercial, retail and industrial business as well as schools. We mark inside and out with a variety of specialised machinery tailored to the requirements.

As we have clients all over the North Island, we are often in your area, this minimizes the need for a special trip just to paint your carpark, saving you money. Contact us to enquire when we are next in your area.

Sport Courts and Playgrounds

When marking the lines on sports courts and playgrounds you need a professionals touch to get an excellent finish that lasts. We know the sizes and measurements of a vast range of sports courts. Talk to us about products that best suit your sports ground as these can change depending on the surface. We are happy to help design creative playground markings.


Cold Applied Plastic pavement markings, the most recent being Audio Tactile Marking or Rumble Strips as many call them. These are specialized markings to be applied to roads where a traffic safety strategy had identified the need for improved delineation. One of our products, aims to promote safety by providing a combination of tactile, audio and visual effects, when drive on vibrations and sound alert the driver that they are crossing out of their lane. Structured markings are used as an alternative to paint in areas where longevity is paramount.